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Just two years after the establishment of then Columbus College, the CSU Alumni Association was founded in 1960, with the central purpose of engaging the University's alumni. Over the intervening years, the Association has evolved to accommodate the changing needs of its alumni base, which today totals over 30,000 degree-holders. While much has changed since the organization’s inception over 50 years ago, the goals of the Alumni Association remain the same, to serve the alumni of the University and support the initiatives of CSU.

Every person that graduates from CSU is an official member of the Alumni Association. Even those that attended for various amounts of time, we claim as our own. Because there are no dues to be a member, alumni are encouraged to support the Annual Fund, which meets the most critical needs of the University including student scholarships, faculty development and the expansion of academic programs.

Alumni numbers at a glance

Source: Columbus State, the magazine of Columbus State University for Alumni and Friends