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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Columbus State University Foundation?

The Columbus State University Foundation was created to enrich the quality of education provided at the university through scholarships, professorships, endowed chairs and other programs.

The foundation has amassed more than $50 million in assets, a large portion of which is endowed for academic and faculty support. The foundation funds a long list of scholarships each year for deserving students and endows chairs and professorships that ensure those students receive the highest-quality instruction.

Q: Why is the foundation needed?

The programs funded by the foundation are not covered by the state funding and tuition that make up the University budget. State funding is decreasing as a percentage of the university's total operating budget and the university is committed to keeping tuition and fees affordable.

Q: Who governs the foundation?

A Board of Trustees oversees operations. Each volunteer trustee is a leader in business or civic affairs and contributes his or her time, wisdom and resources without compensation. They meet a minimum of three times a year as a body, and many members attend committee meetings between full sessions. In addition, Foundation trustees contribute generously to the university through the foundation.

The Board of Trustees provide external oversight of the foundation's operations.

Q: Who sets funding priorities for CSU?

Administrators at Columbus State University set the priorities. At the university there are always more ideas for enhancing the academic mission than there are funds to carry them out. CSU’s president determines which of many fundraising proposals will become university priorities.

Vice presidents, deans, and department and program heads set priorities for their units, within the context of university priorities.

Q: Does the foundation make grants?

The foundation is not a fund-granting institution. CSU faculty or staff looking for project funding should consult the dean or director and development officer of their unit first.  From there it will be determined if the foundation may be able to assist.