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Investment/Spending Policy

CSU Foundation Endowments—Investment and Spending Policies

Investment Oversight

The Investment Committee of the CSU Foundation Board of Trustees is responsible for investing the Foundation’s endowments.

Investment Policy

All the endowments of the CSU Foundation are combined, or pooled, for purposes of investment. The primary objective of the investment pool is to grow the corpus in excess of inflation and to meet both current and future obligations as dictated by the Spending Policy, net of operational cost.


The earnings allocated to an endowment are based on each fund’s prorated share of the total investment pool. The amount allocated is the net of market performance, less the spending distribution and less an administrative fee for Foundation operating expenses.

Earnings in excess of spending and the administrative fee are added to the endowment balance. This “growth” is then available to provide the cushion to fund spending and fees during periods of poor market performance. Likewise, the endowment balance will decrease when earnings are not sufficient to cover spending and fees. Growth is also anticipated from the addition of new gifts.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

All requests for disbursements are reviewed for compliance with the Foundation’s Disbursement Policy and donor guidelines.

For questions about the Foundation’s Investment and Spending Policies, contact Gena Stone, Chief Financial Officer CSU Foundation, at