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Alumni Recognition Awards


At the annual Alumni Recognition Awards hosted during Homecoming, several awards are given to deserving alumni. Click here to nominate someone today! Deadline for nominations is August 4th.

The Alumni Recognition Awards will be presented at a lunch on Friday, October 20, 2017 in the Cunningham Center. For more information call (706) 507-8956. To nominate someone, click here.

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award is given to alumni who have graduated in the last 15 years in recognition of a commitment to excellence in post-collegiate life and a significant or ongoing commitment to extraordinary work, research, volunteerism or service to Columbus State University.

Previous Honorees:

Nicole De Vries (2011)
Heather A. Avery (2012)
Leonard J. Moore (2013)
Michael R. Waite (2013)
Gina Sederstrom (2014)
Jason (Jay) Alexander (2014)
Dorothy Cheruiyot (2015)
W. Jay O'Neal (2015)
C. Bernard McCrary (2016)
Molli M. Newman (2016) 

Alumni Service Award

This award honors an alumnus that has rendered outstanding voluntary service to the Columbus State University Alumni Association and / or the University.

Previous Honorees:

Randall K. Lunsford (1996)
Audrey E. Wolfe (1996)
Don Andrae (1997)
Grover C. “Skip” Barfield III (1997)
Jean M. Hartin (1997)
Leonard W. Hindsman Jr. (1998)
William D. Reaves Jr. (1998)
David E. Hawkins (1998)
Allena G. Johnson (1999)
John W. Rogers Jr. (1999)
W. Allen Taber Jr. (1999)
Wade M. Burford (2000)
James M. Lamb (2000)
John W. Roper (2000)
Richard M. Gordy (2001)
Jack B. Key III (2001)
James E. Buntin (2002)
Nancy C. Buntin (2002)
Dennis R. Hendrix (2002)
W. Randall Jones (2003)
Linda S. Reynolds (2003)
Lavonda W. Forbes (2004)
Christopher R. Luby (2004)
Sarah M. Luby (2004)
Janet W. Davis (2005)
Mark J. Holladay (2005)
L. Lamar Powers (2006~2007)
Geri P. Regnier (2006~2007)
Michael L. Regnier (2006~2007)
Jane P. Spettel (2009)
Patricia Cardin (2010)
John O. (Butch) Barwick (2011)
S. Scott Voynich (2011)
Brenda Coakley Williams (2011)
Sommer D. Bundy (2012)
Torrey S. Wiley (2013)
Paul Holmer-Monte (2014)
Tashee ' Singleton (2015)
P. Timothy Money (2016) 

Excellence in Alumni Achievement Award

This award honors prominent alumni with records of exceptional career or personal achievement.

Previous Honorees:

Steve Taylor (2011)
Jason F. Harrison (2012)
Dr. Joshua E. Lane (2013)
Dr. Peter D. Rumm (2014)
Cynthia Colbert (2015)
Bruce E. Baldwin (2016)
Denise E. Yardley (2016) 

Distinguished Alumnus in Military / Public Service Award

The award recognizes CSU alumni who are active duty, veterans, or in public service (i.e. law enforcement, firefighter, EMT, etc) who have brought distinction in their area of service to our country or community and in turn brings distinction to our University.

Previous Honorees:

Charles F. Merkel, Jr. (2011)
Charles E. Anklam, III (2012)
Norris I. Wiley (2013)
Barry Creed (2014)
Roger Buterbaugh (2015)
Philip Mullenix (2015)
Raymond V. Herras (2016) 

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award

This award highlights contributions made to the Alumni Association by a current CSU Faculty or Staff member.

Previous Honorees:

Steve Morse (2011)
Jay A. Knape (2012)
Steven C. Roach (2013)
Derek Olson (2014)
CSU Web Team (2015)
Melissa Dempsey (2016) 

To nominate someone or yourself for these awards, please complete the Alumni Recognition Awards Form.